Video Production Services

are at the core of our creative and strategic service offerings. Our video production company specializes in making content that is creative, effective, and able to be repurposed for a variety of media outlets.

We treat every client and video production individually; customizing our creative style and workflow to match the style and needs of your brand. Our video services include budgeting and planning; scripting and shooting; editing and motion graphics; sound design and mixing; and delivery for web, broadcast, DVD or Blu-Ray.

We create broadcast commercials; sales promos; viral content; instructional & trade show demos; industrial and live event coverage; motion graphics & animations; client testimonials and more! If it has to do with corporate video production, we've got you covered.

Video Production Services

Video Production Services

We provide companies, organizations, broadcast media groups, advertising / PR firms, and Internet advertising groups an affordable and effective outsource video production solution that can takes their visions to the next level.

We can provide you with complete camera crews; directors of photography, sound technicians, field producers, grips, make-up artists, and equipment. We have all the tools for any production, from Steadicam operators, backdrops, green-screens, to jibs, and more. Our equipment and crews are highly professional and guarantee satisfaction on every project we do.

Below is a listing of our videographer packages and video production equipment.

Camera Crews

HD Single Camera Package - Videographer / Director of Photography
Example uses: Basic Live Event Coverage, B-roll & Stock Footage Packages

HD Camera Crew Package - Videographer / Director of Photography & Audio Technician
Example uses: Live Event Coverage with interviews, Corporate Documentary & Interviews, Basic Green Screen Production, Basic Promotional Video and Basic Commercial Production, and most cases where the capture of narration or live audio is critical to the completion of the production.

HD Production Crew Package - Multiple Videographers / Director of Photography, Audio Technician, Field Producer, Grip, and Production Assistant.
Example uses: Broadcast Commercial Production, Corporate Documentary, Industrial and Corporate Video Productions, Large Green Screen Productions, and cases where multiple shooting locations and cameras are needed.

Video Post-Production Services

Post Production Services

Post-Production is where an idea comes together. We take all of the footage captured in production and combine it with music, motion graphics, stock footage, and sound design to create the finished product.

We draw from many different visual styles and use the most powerful Mac Workstations with software and plugins from Apple, Adobe, Matrox, Sony, Panasonic, Sapphire, Boris FX, DigiEffects, Trapcode, and Digital Anarchy. This enables our studio's creative team to develop unique visual looks and mimic blockbuster effects from high-end commercials and Hollywood movies.

Video Production Services

We offer our customers both supervised and unsupervised post-production services. We welcome clients to visit our production studio and supervise the creation of their video. Our experience and detailed planning makes it possible for us to complete the entire post-production process remotely while you watch your next video come to life from the comfort of your office.

Take a look at our portfolio to view some of the work we have recently completed.

Video Production Pricing & Rates

Video Production Rates

Every great video starts with a grand vision. A desire to inspire and create something new and groundbreaking. That is the euphoric part. Then reality sets in. How much is this actually going to cost?

We provide itemized rate quotes for every production we do. Contact us today to receive a detailed rate quote for your next video production.

Video Duplication & Web Video Delivery

Video Duplication

We are a video production company, and we promise we can handle all of your delivery and distribution needs. We help our customers plan for distribution in the beginning of our project planning process. In many ways the manner in which you deliver and distribute your video is just as important as the content it's self.

We take every detail into consideration when advising clients on their delivery and distribution options. File formats, media types, aspect ratio, subtitling, captioning, we make the final phase of the production process as seamless as possible for you.

Some of the most common ways we deliver and distribute video are:

Network Broadcast & Cable Broadcast Delivery

Your tapes or files are shipped via FedEx, courier delivered, transferred electronically via FTP or DG FastChannel to local, regional, and national broadcast outlets or to other media management companies.

Web Video Delivery

Master video files are created and encoded to the desired file format. They are then uploaded directly to clients websites, or to the groups that manage their website for them. We also routinely optimize master files to the .mp4 file format and directly upload master videos to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and other social video hosting sites.

DVD Duplication

We handle complete fulfillment of DVD and CD duplication for our customers including custom DVD menus, subtitling, captioning, packaging, and shipping. We complete all graphic design using elements created in-house during post-production to save our clientele time and money.

Contact us today if you have content that is already produced and needs to be duplicated or to find out more about having your next project delivered by our Video Production Company.