Internet Marketing Plan

Website Marketing

is a crucial component in a successful company's overall sales and marketing strategy. To outperform your competitors, your company or brand must be easy to find and present a clear message that drives home its value.

We help brands and organizations create custom inbound and outbound internet marketing strategies that leverage video, design, search engine optimization, and social media. Our online marketing techniques are designed to not only generate web traffic, but to help convert that traffic into customers and sales.

Our internet marketing services packages are designed to provide flexible, scalable marketing solutions that include: Web Design, Direct Video Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Strategy, Analytics and Reporting.

Video Marketing Strategy

Do you have a complex service or product to sell? Are you trying to get people to join your organization or give donations for a good cause? Or are you trying to create a viral buzz about your brand?

Video Landing Pages are a great way to integrate video and rich media into your marketing strategy and present a compelling message with a strong call to action to a highly-targeted audience.

Video Landing Pages enable your message to be:

  • Controlled and Branded. Your message is self-contained and branded to match your company's marketing strategy.
  • Easily Sharable. You make it easy for your audience to spread your message throughout their social network.
  • Fully Trackable.

We combine a mix of established outbound and inbound online marketing tools with our Video Landing Pages to deliver messages directly to your targeted audience, or socially through email newsletters, Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIN.


We are able to track all of the same interactions that the traditional delivery platforms track, as well as, detailed analytics on the video message including:

  • Number of video starts
  • Number of times the video is viewed per prospect
  • Number of times the video is watched to completion
  • How many time the video message gets forwarded on

This tracking information, in the form of timely reports, provides powerful information to your sales team to determine leads that are ready for follow up.

Contact us today for pricing and rates or to get started on your video marketing strategy today!

Social Media Marketing Plan

Internet Marketing Company

People are talking about things your company can provide right now. If you are not listening, engaging, and sharing then you are constantly missing opportunities.

Social Media Marketing is best described as the sale before the sale, or the sale with no sell. It is the intersection of PR, advertising, and marketing framed by online conversations, media sharing, and relationships.

Our Web Marketing Company specializes in helping our clients understand the rules and protocols that make up Social Media Marketing. We help them determine the audiences that can most benefit from their insight. We help create, develop, and deliver shareable content that is valuable to your company’s potential audience. We develop long-term and short-term marketing strategies for growing Social Media influence, and recommend tools for tracking and streamlining the control of multiple profiles on multiple platforms.

Contact us today to discuss your organizations Social Media Marketing needs, and the ways that our marketing team can assist you.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Get your site to the top of the search engine results!

In order to have an effective Inbound Marketing Strategy your website needs to be easily found. Search Engines are constantly crawling and indexing the web and ranking pages based on relevency.

Our Website Marketing team offers our clients a basic level of Search Engine Optimization that covers fundamental design and coding optimization, local search listing, keyword targeting, link building, and video content optimization. We specialize in leveraging high-value content like video and rich media to make websites rank higher in search engines while communicating more effectively to visitors.

We offer basic search engine optimization to all of our website design clients. Contact us today to receive a free estimate on having your existing website redesigned and optimized with inbound marketing and seo as its focus.

Complete Campaign & Reporting

Marketing Strategies

Have a Product to Sell?

A large part of the value our website marketing team strives to provide our clients, in addition to design and creative deliverables, is Reporting and Campaign Management. We work with clients to create flexible, short campaigns that allow for frequent analysis of viewing and engagement data. Shorter campaign structures risk less investment in time and money and allowing for adjustments to messaging, delivery, and goals to take place in hours instead of days or weeks.

Our campaigns cross over traditional and web-based marketing channels. We tailor our reporting data to the needs of each individual client. Some groups like to pour over all numbers and merge them with their own internal data. Other groups just want to see what is working, who to follow up with, reach out to, and focus on more aggressively.

Contact us today and let us help you create a custom media campaign marketing strategy to reach your audience.